Memorial Casting Service

Our end of life/memorial service is a truly personal and sensitive service which is prepared at home, hospital or place of resting, whether they are deceased, terminally ill or reaching end of life to our casting service is aimed to preserve memories of our loved ones creating them in to beautiful hand stone sculptures.

The process of our service uses a non invasive casting procedure using a skin safe alginate to create a detailed mould of the hand design chosen, our sessions are very private, intimate and most importantly confidential. The sculptures can be uniquely designed by you with advice and guidance from myself, or we can create a design that truly imitates the love and emotional bond that was once shared. Our sculptures can be created as a single hand cast, a couple casting or a casting of the whole family with the aim to mould and capture details only unique to you and your loved ones, the high level of realism not only collects finger prints but replicates pores, scares, moles and minute details which really are truly astounding and truly bespoke to only you and passed down the family for generations to come.

The ethos of our memorial service aims to preserve and immortalise memories, and keep them alive in the same way as photographs, however, the precise replication allows these memories to be physically held and touched in the form of a three dimensional stone sculpture, It is evident that memories help support and ease the grieving process by reminiscing and relieving the love that was once shared.

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