Life casting consists of a mould being taken of the chosen part of the body which replicates a very precise and detailed mould which is filled with a high quality fine stone to produce a thorough and detailed replica.

Polycraft Chromatic Alginate is a non-toxic non-allergenic moulding material which is safe to use on all areas of the body. Its chromatic feature ensures ease of use as it changes colour during the mixing and setting process giving you a visual indication at each stage of the process. The mould is then secured in a Modroc plaster bandage support jacket which encapsulates the minute details of the mould taken.

Before the casting session, we discuss any known allergies possible sea based allergies sea mineral, seaweed, the assessment is based purely on the information provided by the client.

Alginate is a fast setting moulding material which takes only minuets to set,our bucket castings which is used instand alone hand sculptures takes approximately 3-4 minutes to set, however our linked arm or torso casting require a longer process which involves a Modroc bandage being layered onto the mould in order to support the mould, the whole process takes approximately 40 minutes depending on the number of people involved.

Ideally larger castings are safer taken at our Hope st studio to avoid any damage in transport however we can offer a mobile service for people who require it.

Yes the majority of our work takes place at care home, hospitals, hospices or funeral parlours. Plastic sheeting is laid to catch any spillage and we ensure that any remaining material is cleaned up on departure.