Baby Castings

Baby castings are an excellent way to capture them special first moments, they can be displayed as a beautiful single hand or foot sculpture in a deep cased shadow frame, or a cast of a parent cradling hands and feet and finished as a stand-alone sculpture. Rows of siblings or cousins are also very popular as a present for grandparents, these can all be finished in bronze silver antique colours waves or sprayed to offer a more detailed finish.

Older children, toddlers, and wriggly babies right up to adults - whether it be parents, aunties and uncles, or grandparents can be cast in bronze, cold cast metals, lead crystal glass, plaster or other materials to create a wonderful single or mixed generation lifecast sculpture, or even a framed group of handprints, also knowing as impressions or imprints. Older siblings holding hands with their new baby brother or sister make the most wonderful pairing. As does the combination of old and young in a mixed generation cast.

At Hope Street, we offer hand casting and foot casting for any age group, and can even design a group cast for you where new members of the family can be added in at a later date, should you wish it. Whatever your ideas, speak to us, and we will design a cast that reflects the unique personality of your family members and home to create a piece of art that will be loved and treasured more and more as the years flies by. For a comparison between different popular material finishes, click here. For prices of our most popular finishes and poses, please click the button below.

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