About Us


Hope street bodycasting studio is situated on the iconic Hope Street in the heart of the city centre ... the area is steeped with history and surrounded by bustling restaurants and theatres so why not make your casting session a day to remember!

Hope street casting studio aim to provide a very unique and personal body casting experience which can be enjoyed by all the family Life Casting is a mould taken from any part of a persons body. our life casting sculpts are a unique piece of fine art that can be wall mounted, stood, or even suspended from walls plinths, pedestals podiums.

When lit it can offer a very luxurious centrepiece in your home, studio, office or workplace . from our hand castings to our torso casts, we carry our all the processes of life casting and sculpting procedures to produce a very unique and sculpture which replicates fine details which is only unique to you.

Most of our sculptures are single one time constructions, however we can also integrate casts which allows us to be very creative with our casts integrating baby and pets into larger family sculptures.

We offer a hand casting memorial service which has recently been published in local and national press, this is a truly sensitive and personal service which preserves memories of our loved ones which we can cherish forever.

My memorial service is constructed purely from a psychological perspective having studied loss and bereavement whilst undertaking a degree in psychology, its aimed to support the loss and grieving process of loosing a loved one by capturing and preserving memories in a 3 dimensional representation, the standout feature of life casts is their high level of realism detailing features as small as fingerprints and pores.

Torso castings are an extravagant feature which is a talking feature in any home, whether it be pregnant bellyโ€™s, breasts, chests, reconstruction surgery or sensitive requests These sculptures can be so elegant and sensuous which display a sophisticated replicate of the human body So step into our world of life casting lets create some everlasting memories.